Adapted Wii remote allowing alternative switch options.

Write up by Kevin John

Wii Remote modification

Background: An individual contacted us with the request to adapt a Wii remote that would allow him to play his favorite Wii games. Because of a spinal cord injury, he was unable to activate the A and B buttons on a remote.  He wanted to connect two larger buttons connected by an 1/8th inch plug.  This adaptation allows the Wii remote to be activated using a variety of switches on the market aside from just the buttons on the controller.

Product: Separating a Wii remote in half, we quickly found the contacts for the two buttons (A&B) highly utilized on the Wii remote.  With wire and a soldering iron we added wire to those contacts and led them out of the housing using holes we drilled.  On the end of the wire we added 1/8” mono female adapters.  The end product was a Wii remote capable of being controlled with a number of various switches.  In conjunction with a quickly modified hat to hold the controller and sip and puff switches, the Wii remote can be used with the motion of the head and the breath of the mouth.  We also took a piece of foam, cut out a channel to hold the remote, strapped it to the arm using self adhering Velcro and two foot switches, and we were able to play the remote with the motion of one arm and two feet for switch activation.

Cost:  Wii Remote ≈$35.00, modification – $4.00

Once the remote is opened, wires can be connected to the contacts as seen above for the A button.

Hole is drilled in the side of the casing allowing the wires to come out.

The remote can then be put back together.  This creates a clean adaptation. Blue heat shrink is put on the A button wires and Red heat shrink on the B Button wires.

Female jacks are then soldered on to the wires allowing any 1/8th inch switch to connect.

Completed adapted Wii remote.

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